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Matthias Böhm

Web developer

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About Me

Hello, my name is Matthias Böhm (born 1988) from Germany, based in Königswinter near Bonn.

For more than 15 years I work in the digital world. For the last 6 years I have been professionally trained as an IT specialist for application development and for 4 years I have been working as a freelancer in the field of web development and web design on a part-time basis, working for small and medium-sized companies, agencies and private customers.

Digitization now covers our entire lives, and the Internet as a central medium is more relevant than ever before: for us as individuals but especially for companies. In my work, I am particularly interested in using my expertise and experience to make the possibilities and potential of digitization and the Internet available to my customers.

Regarding my work, I have a great understanding of my clients' needs and challenges, I am able to communicate clearly and comprehensibly and to solve complicated issues efficiently and sustainably.

If you would like to work with me on a project please contact me .

My knowledge & experience


  • Yii Framework (90%)
  • Node.js / Express.js (80%)
  • Vue / Vuex (80%)
  • Webpack (90%)
  • Bootstrap (100% * )
  • Laravel (70%)
  • jQuery (100%)
  • Ruby on Rails (60%)
  • React (50%)

Programming languages & DB

  • PHP OOP (90%)
  • JavaScript (90%)
  • MySQL 7 Maria DB (90%)
  • HTML, XML, XHTML (100%)
  • CSS, SASS, LESS (90%)
  • Testing (80%)
  • Elasticsearch (60%)
  • PostgreSQL (70%)
  • Redis (60%)

CMS & Tools

  • API (80%)
  • Wordpress (90%)
  • Apache & Nginx Webserver (80%)
  • Docker (80%)
  • Linux (70%)
  • Atlassian-Stack (100%)
  • Git (100%)
  • Contao (60%)
  • Photoshop (70%)

* Level of knowledge and experience in percent related to the respective skill

Web development

The focus of my work as an IT specialist for application development ¬is web development. My many years of experience give me the security and competence I need to technically implement the planned and visualized concepts. I have gained many years of experience in both front-end and back-end development.
Therefore I know if and how requirements and ideas can be implemented and the usual discrepancy between "This is how it should be" and "This is how it will be" can be avoided.

Frontend development

One focus of my work is frontend development. This includes the implementation and creation of layouts, designs and user interfaces so that they look good and are user-friendly. And, of course, optimized for mobile devices (responsive) and barrier-free if required.
This also includes the implementation of more complex and interactive functionalities as well as the connection of the frontend to the backend (API). The same applies to the correction of errors and the optimization under SEO and speed aspects¬.

Backend Development

I started my career as a pure backend developer and so I have a broad experience in developing backend solutions. The handling of and connection to various database and data storage systems is ¬part of my basic knowledge.
Also the handling of more complex system architectures and the work with different frameworks is part of my basic knowledge.
Furthermore, I am also well versed in the configuration and operation of web servers and cloud storage systems, as well as virtualization solutions.

Consulting and cooperation

As a trained computer scientist for application development¬and due to my many years of professional experience, I have a broad wealth of experience. I am very familiar with various web technologies and know new trends and requirements. The planning and analysis of ideas and requirements and the technical implementation are part of my daily work.
Due to my comprehensible and team-oriented way of communication I can also act as a consultant and give reliable assessments of implementation possibilities. With my independent way of working and my expertise I can implement exactly as desired.


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Matthias Böhm
Web developer

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